Public Company Prep and IPO Listing

We want to help you get listed while controlling costs. We offer a fixed-fee approach to getting you listed. We will help to take you from private-company to IPO for a flat fee of $39,500 +HST. If you ware thinking of listing by way of a non-offering prospectus then our flat fee is $29,500 +HST.

Pre-IPO Preparation
    • Provide guidance on becoming a public company, what to expect and how long it takes
    • Assist in structuring your financing
    • Review and update of minute book
    • Provide disclaimers for roadshow materials and presentations (if any)
    • Determine capital structure requirements and builder share compliance
    • Determine escrow requirements for securities outstanding prior to the prospectus offering
    • Determine if the issuer will meet the initial listing requirements (including public float requirements)
IPO Preparation
    • Review and negotiate underwriter agreement
    • Assist in preparing the due diligence package for underwriter’s counsel
    • Assist in draft preliminary prospectus
    • Work with auditors in respect of disclosure in the prospectus, consents and comfort letters
    • Prepare resolutions approving the offering, committees and listing
    • Assist in reviewing the MD&As included in the prospectus
    • Assist with PIF preparation and review
    • Assist with setting-up the transfer agent
    • Apply for CUSIP/ISIN
    • Remove private company restrictions
    • Draft final prospectus
    • Prepare treasury direction
    • Create SEDAR profile and file documents
    • Draft stock option plan
    • SEDI user creation and initial insider filings
    • Initial early warning reports filed in respect of 10%+ holders related to the issuer
    • Press releases announcing the offering an filing of material change reports
    • Draft the policies required for a reporting issuer (e.g. Corporate Governance Practices, Board Mandate, Audit Committee Charter)
CSE Listing Preparation
    • Assist in drafting the Listing Application Letter (Form 1A)
    • Assist in drafting the Listing Application (Form 1B)
    • Assist in drafting the Listing Statement (Form 2A) – where applicable
    • Assist with navigating the agent’s due diligence request list, responses and due diligence calls
    • Reserve stock symbols

Prices exclude HST, filing fees and disbursements. Certain circumstances may require the fee noted above to be increased - please inquire for details.