We can help you to transfer your listing from the TSXV to the CSE seamlessly. Our fixed-fee for the transfer is $19,950 CAD (or $14,950 USD) taxes and disbursements.

We will help with the following in order to get your transfer done:

  • Determine escrow requirements (if any)
  • Determine capital structure requirements and builder share compliance
  • Determine if the issuer will meet the initial listing requirements (including public float requirements)
  • Assist with PIF and CRV preparation and review
  • Assist in drafting the Listing Application Letter (Form 1A)
  • Assist in drafting the Listing Application (Form 1B)
  • Assist in drafting the Listing Statement (Form 2A)
  • TSXV application to voluntarily delist
  • Prepare resolutions approving the transfer of listing
  • Update SEDAR profile for the new exchange
  • Press releases announcing the transfer and material change report

Prices exclude taxes, filing fees and disbursements.